Sentencing reform may result in multiple bills, not omnibus package

By Roby Brock
Talk Business & Politics

Rep. Jimmy Gazaway, R-Paragould, one of the key legislators shaping a final truth-in-sentencing reform effort, said Wednesday (Feb. 1) that an omnibus bill on criminal justice changes may require multiple bills and will come with a substantial price tag.

Appearing on Talk Business & Politics Daily, Gazaway said there are legal concerns about putting multiple solutions into one bill.

“One of the things that’s been discussed, as you allude to, is an omnibus bill, and we’ve looked at that. There are some legal concerns about whether or not you can put lots of different proposals that may vary in terms of their intent into the same bill,” he said. “And so now we’re looking at splitting those out where we initially thought we could put them all into one bill.” Read more.

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