St. Francis County

St. Francis County was formed in October 1827, by the legislature of the Arkansas Territory, taking a part of Phillips County. It was named for the St. Francis River that flows across it. The landscape is rich, flat farmland in the eastern and western halves and rolling hills in the center. The county seat is Forrest City. St. Francis County, once dependent on rural agriculture, now has light manufacturing to help its economy. Crowley’s Ridge that runs through the county is noted for growing peaches and other fruit crops. The Arkansas Community College and the Crowley’s Ridge Technical Institute both are in the county and are continuously working toward upgrading the skills of the work force. St. Francis County is at the crossroads of eastern Arkansas. Both railroads and major highways lead east to Memphis, west to Little Rock, north to Jonesboro and south to Helena. Village Creek State Park has become the region’s top recreational place, with almost 7,000 acres on the St. Francis-Cross County line. Facilities include two fishing lakes, rental boats, trails, campsites, tennis courts, ball fields, swimming, and duck hunting. The courthouse is a 1972 structure on the hill that was the site of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s camp while he was in charge of building the railroad from Little Rock to Memphis. The courthouse is known for its extensive use of large seals. The great seal of St. Francis County and the seal of the centennial of Forrest City, 1870-1970, both of which are three feet in diameter, are in the foyer of the courtroom wing of the building. A three-foot brass seal of Arkansas dedicated to Judge R. B. MCCullough, Sr., by his son, Judge Richard McCullough, is filed above the bench in the chancery courtroom. A three-foot Great Seal of the County Court of St. Francis County hangs over the bench in the circuit courtroom. The population of St. Francis County is 23,090 (2020 Census).

313 S. Izard St.
Forrest City 72335

(870) 261-1700

County Judge
Craig Jones
Phone: (870) 261-1700
Fax: (870) 261-1704
Address: 313 S. Izard St., Forrest City, 72335

County Clerk
Brandi H. McCoy
Phone: (870) 261-1729
Fax: (870) 630-1210
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1653, Forrest City, 72336

County Circuit Clerk
Alan T. Smith
Phone: (870) 261-1724
Fax: (870) 261-1723
Address: 313 S. Izard St., Suite 8, Forrest City, 72335

County Sheriff/Collector
Bobby May
Phone: (870) 261-1795 (Sheriff's Office)
Phone (870) 261-1791 (Collector's Office)
Fax: (870) 261-1784 (Sheriff's Office)
Fax: (870) 261-1784 (Collector's Office)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1817, Forrest City, 72336

County Treasurer
Tammy Talley
Phone: (870) 261-1705
Fax: (870) 261-1704
Mailing Address: 313 South Izard, Suite 6, Forrest City, 72335

County Assessor
Ginadell Adams
Phone: (870) 261-1710
Fax: (870) 261-1714
Address: 313 S. Izard St., Forrest City, 72335

County Coroner
Miles Kimble
Phone: (870) 270-8764
Fax: (870) 594-6270
Mailing Address: 604 Laughrun Dr., Forrest City, 72336

Justices of the Peace
Charles Jones, Jimmy A. Long, Margarette Winfrey. David R. Coleman, Ernestine Weaver, Nathaniel Murray, Chris Ray, Maceo J. Hawkins, Kendall Owens, Jamie Busby

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