Nevada County

Nevada County was formed on March 20, 1871, from parts of Columbia, Hempstead and Ouachita counties. Its name comes from the similarity of its shape to the state of Nevada. However, the pronunciation is different. The county seat is Prescott. The landscape of Nevada County is rolling hills, largely forested. Nevada County’s timber industry is its main economy source, with poultry and outdoor sports contributing their share. Festivals celebrating the timber and poultry industries are held each year. The county has an abundance of wildlife — deer, squirrel, quail, dove, and turkey — along with camping, which make it popular among residents and visitors. White Oak Lake and White Oak State Park feature excellent fishing, hiking trails, and sites for camping and picnicking. The present courthouse was built in 1964 and has gaslights (manufactured at a nearby plant), and several flower gardens ornament the lawn. A large clock from the old Bank of Prescott stands on a red brick base on the courthouse grounds near a white limestone war memorial. The Nevada County Depot Museum is located in Prescott in the old Missouri-Pacific train depot, which is considered to be a classic example of early 20th-century railroad architecture. The population of Nevada County is 8,310 (2020 Census).

215 E. 2nd St.
Prescott 71857

(870) 887-3115

County Judge
Mike Otwell
Phone: (870) 887-3115
Fax: (870) 887-5795
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Prescott, 71857

County Clerk
Tammie Ann Rose
Phone: (870) 887-2710
Fax: (870) 887-5795
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Ste. 102, Prescott, 71857

County Circuit Clerk
Rita Reyenga
Phone: (870) 887-2511
Fax: (870) 887-1911
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Ste. 103, Prescott, 71857

County Sheriff
Danny Martin
Phone: (870) 887-2616
Fax: (870) 887-5131
Address: 209 East 3rd St. South, Prescott, 71857

County Treasurer
Ricky Reyenga
Phone: (870) 887-2811
Fax: (870) 887-5795
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Ste. 109, Prescott, 71857

County Collector
Danny Martin
Phone: (870) 887-3511
Fax: (870) 887-5795
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Ste. 107, Prescott, 71857

County Assessor
Pam Box
Phone: (870) 887-3410
Fax: (870) 887-2597
Address: 215 E. 2nd St. South, Ste. 106, Prescott, 71857

County Coroner
David Gummeson
Phone: (870) 703-6643
Mailing Address: 1509 Nevada 18, Prescott, 71857

Justices of the Peace
Dennis Pruitt, Willie Wilson, Patricia Grimes, Curtis Lee Johnson, Eric Jackson, Herbert Coleman, Kenneth W. Bailey, Chris Fore, Brenda Stockton

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