Lonoke County

Lonoke County is the only county in Arkansas with a county seat that bears the same name. The county was named by a railroad surveyor that used a massive red oak tree as a landmark. Lonoke County was established on April 16, 1873. The county is still a primarily agricultural county. The Joe Hogan Fish Hatchery, the Smoke Hold Natural Area, Toltec Mounds State Park, and Camp Nelson Confederate Park are areas of interest in the county. The Lonoke County courthouse was built in 1928. This building is the third courthouse we have had due to fire and rebuilding.

301 N. Center St.
Lonoke 72086

(501) 676-6403

County Judge
Doug Erwin
Phone: (501) 676-6403
Fax: (501) 676-3038

County Clerk
Dawn Porterfield
Phone: (501) 676-2368
Fax: (501) 676-2423

County Circuit Clerk
Deborah Oglesby
Phone: (501) 676-2316
Fax: (501) 676-3014

County Sheriff
John Staley
Phone: (501) 676-3000
Fax: (501) 676-3005

County Treasurer
Patti Weathers
Phone: (501) 676-2333
Fax: (501) 676-3045

County Collector
Therese L. O'Donnell
Phone: (501) 676-3026
Fax: (501) 676-3033

County Assessor
Jerrel Maxwell
Phone: (501) 676-6938
Fax: (501) 676-3099

County Coroner
Carla Horton
Phone: (501) 405-2381
Fax: (501) 941-7890

Justices of the Peace
Brent Canon, Randy Staley, Henry Lang, Claud E. Irvin, Robert Gilliam, Jerry Cole, Ralph Brown, Tate House, Linda Waddell, Bill Ryker, Mike Dolan, Patty Knox, Bob Morris

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