Independence County

Independence County was created in October 1820 from part of Lawrence County. Its name comes from the Declaration of Independence. The landscape of the county is rolling hills, foothills of the Ozarks, except for river delta farmland in the southeast section. The county seat is Batesville. Agriculture is the economic base of the county, primarily in cattle and poultry production and processing. Some manufacturing is located near Batesville. The scenic White River coming into Batesville has the typical Ozark bends, riffles, shoals and pools surrounded by forest, rock, and hillsides. It is famous for its excellent trout fishing. When it leaves Batesville, it becomes mostly a flatland river. The river brought settlers to the county in the early 1800s. The Pioneer Cemetery is the oldest recognized and preserved cemetery in Arkansas. During the Arkansas Sesquicentennial, a three-foot-tall bell made in 1858 for the courthouse was permanently installed in a specially designed limestone structure on the courthouse lawn. Similar limestone from Batesville was used to build the Arkansas state Capitol. Batesville has one college, Lyon College, a private Christian college established in 1872. The college has an annual Ozark Scottish Festival & Highland Games each year. The population of Independence County is 37,938 (2020 Census).

192 E. Main St.
Batesville 72501

(870) 793-8800

County Judge
Kevin Jeffery
Phone: (870) 793-8800
Fax: (870) 793-8803
Address: 192 E. Main St., Batesville, 72501

County Clerk
Tracey Nast Mitchell
Phone: (870) 793-8828
Fax: (870) 793-8831
Address: 192 E. Main St., Batesville, 72501

County Circuit Clerk
Greg Wallis
Phone: (870) 793-8833
Fax: (870) 793-8888
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2155, Batesville, 72501

County Sheriff
Shawn Stephens
Phone: (870) 793-8838
Fax: (870) 612-6489
Address: 1750 Meyers St., Batesville, 72501

County Treasurer
Bob Treadway
Phone: (870) 793-8899
Fax: (870) 793-8898
Address: 192 E. Main St., Batesville, 72501

County Collector
Paul Albert
(870) 793-8823
Fax: (870) 793-8824
Address: 110 Broad St., Batesville, 72501

County Assessor
Diane Tucker
Phone: (870) 793-8842
Fax: (870) 793-8843
Address: 110 Broad St., Batesville, 72501

County Coroner
Randell Crabtree
Phone: (870) 805-0340
Addrress: 1780 Myers St., Batesville, 72501

Justices of the Peace
Timothy Stewart, Johnny McMullin, Brent Henderson, Brad Covington, Bill Lindsey, Tammy Pearce, Jason W. Jones, Kenny Hurley, Johnathan Abbott, Charles W. Jordan, Dennis Stephens

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