Franklin County

Franklin County was formed December 19, 1837, from Crawford County and named for Benjamin Franklin. The landscape of Franklin County is rugged terrain in the northern half, and rolling farmlands, forested ridges, and isolated mountains in the south because travel across the Arkansas River was so difficult in the early days of the county, two county seats were established: Ozark in the north and Charleston in the south. The county lays claim to the first oil strike in Arkansas and sits on vast fields of coal, clay, iron, shale and other minerals; however, agriculture is its main economy base. Production and processing of poultry accounts for most of the jobs. Swiss-German immigrants of a century ago recognized the tops of Franklin’s mountains as a place to grow wine grapes. Altus has grown to be the winemaking capital of Arkansas. Growers such as Mount Bethel, Sax, Post, and Wiederkehr are in the county. Wiederkehr Winery offers tours, wine tasting, and a restaurant in the original underground cellar built in 1880 by John A. Wiederkehr, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Winefest in September each year draws a large number of visitors to the area. The population of Franklin County is 17,097 (2020 Census).

211 W. Commercial
Ozark 72949

607 E. Main St.
Charleston 72933

(479) 667-4726

County Judge
Rickey Bowman
Phone: (479) 667-4726
Fax: (479) 667-2234
Address: 211 W. Commercial, Ozark, 72949

County Clerk
Tammy Sisson
Ozark Ph: (479) 667-3607
Charleston Ph: (479) 965-2129
Fax: (479) 667-3611
Address: 211 W. Commercial, Suite 1600, Ozark, 72949

County Circuit Clerk
Janice King
Ozark Ph: (479) 667-3818
Charleston Ph: (479) 965-7332
Fax: (479) 667-5472
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1112, Ozark, 72949

County Sheriff
Johnny Crocker
Phone: (479) 667-4127
Fax: (479) 667-1857
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 233, Ozark, 72949

County Treasurer
Shelly Wilson
Phone: (479) 667-2427
Fax: (479) 667-8801
Address: 211 W. Commercial, Suite 1200, Ozark, 72949

County Collector
Margaret Hamilton
Ozark Ph: (479) 667-4124
Charleston Ph: (479) 965-2333
Fax: (479) 667-5263
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1267, Ozark, 72949

County Assessor
Rose McKinnon
Ozark Ph: (479) 667-2415
Charleston Ph: (479) 965-7797
Fax: (479) 667-3266
Address: 219 W. Main St., Ozark, 72949

County Coroner
Casey White
Phone: (479) 667-4147
Fax: (479) 667-5512
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 680, Ozark, 72949

Justices of the Peace
Roy Day, Freddy Ree, David Bowles, Sr., Howard Rex Heffington, Dennis Fisher, Brian Lachowsky, Gary O’Neal, Cody Sosbee, Lacey Neissl Clark

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