Dallas County

Dallas County was formed January 1, 1845, from Bradley and Clark counties and named in honor of George M. Dallas, who had been elected vice president of the United States in 1844. Dallas County is known for its rolling hills and pine forests. The world’s first southern pine plywood plant was built in Fordyce, and timber resources still drive its economy. Georgia-Pacific Corp. is the county’s largest employer. Tri-County Lake, where Dallas, Calhoun, and Cleveland counties meet, offers water recreation activities. The Ouachita River, the longest and largest river in the Ouachita Mountain region, forms the western county line and provides floating and fishing. The Cotton Belt route through the town of Fordyce, the county seat, brought prosperity when it arrived in Dallas County in 1882. Fordyce is Arkansas’ only single county seat to have been moved from a central location when the railroads bypassed its original site of Princeton. In April of each year, the week-long “Fordyce on the Cotton Belt Festival” is held. Its draws many locals, as well as tourists. The population of Dallas County is 6,842 (2020 Census).

206 W. Third St.
Fordyce 71742

(870) 352-3371

County Judge
Chris Stanfield
Phone: (870) 352-3371
Fax: (870) 352-5656
Address: 206 W. Third St., Fordyce, 71742

County Clerk/Circuit Clerk
Dori Keeton
Phone: (870) 352-2307
Fax: (870) 352-7179
Address: 206 W. Third St., Fordyce, 71742

County Sheriff
Mike Knoedl
Phone: (870) 352-2002
Fax: (870) 352-3700
Address: 106 S. Charlotte, Fordyce, 71742

County Treasurer
Louann Clayton
Phone: (870) 352-2333
Fax: (870) 352-2790
Address: 206 W. Third St., Fordyce, 71742

County Collector
Crystal Stroud
Phone: (870) 352-5181
Fax: (870) 352-7457
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1024, Fordyce, 71742

County Assessor
Vanessa Pierce
Phone: (870) 352-7983
Fax: (870) 352-7259
Address: 206 W. Third St., Fordyce, 71742

County Coroner
Kevin Kauffman
Phone: (870) 313-9604
Fax: (870) 352-5811
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 560, Fordyce, 71742

Justices of the Peace
Wornest Lambert, Duane W. Brewer, Edith Totty, John Meador, Gordon Hornaday, Andy Johnson, David Fite, Robert Seale, Donny Ford

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