Clay County

Clay County was formed on March 24, 1873, from parts of Randolph and Greene counties. It was named for Sen. James M. Clayton. After moving the county seat several times, officials finally settled on two county seats, as flooding on the Black and Cache rivers often made passage impossible from one side of the county to the other. Clay County is unique in that it is surrounded on two sides by Missouri and two sides by Arkansas. It has two courthouses that are almost identical in appearance. The courthouse in Corning is in a residential area whereas the courthouse in Piggott is in the center of town. The Black River divides the county. For many years, the only way to get from one of its courthouses to the other in the spring term of court, which normally occurred while the river was at flood stage, was to ride the railroad to Poplar Bluff, Mo., spend the night, and catch the morning train to the other county seat, arriving late the second day. The major economy comes from general farming and raising livestock. Rice is the major crop, followed by cotton, soybeans, corn, hay, and milo. Light industry is scattered around. The two rivers offer many recreational sports, including duck hunting and fishing, horseback riding along the trails, hiking and picnicking. The population of Clay County is 14,552 (2020 Census).

151 S. Second Ave.
Piggott 72454

800 W. Second
Corning 72422

(870) 598-2667

County Judge
Mike Patterson
Piggott Ph: (870) 598-2667
Corning Ph: (870) 857-3773
Fax: (870) 598-5592
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 385, Piggott, 72454

County Clerk
Tyler Wyss
Piggott Ph: (870) 598-2813
Corning Ph: (870) 857-3480
Fax: (870) 598-2815
Address: 151 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Circuit Clerk
Angela Self
Piggott Ph: (870) 598-2524
Piggot Fax: (870) 598-1107
Corning Ph: (870) 857-3271
Corning Fax: (870) 857-9201
Address: 151 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Sheriff
Ronnie Cole
Piggott Ph: (870) 598-2270
Fax: (870) 598-3068
Address: 268 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Treasurer
Brande Boyd
Piggot Ph: (870) 598-3879
Fax: (870) 598-3879
Address: 151 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Collector
Ronnie Cole
Piggot Ph: (870) 598-2266
Corning Ph: (870) 857-3881
Fax: (870) 598-2091
Address: 151 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Assessor
Tracy Gurley
Piggot Ph: (870) 598-3870
Corning Ph: (870) 857-3133
Fax: (870) 598-5609
Address: 152 S. 2nd Ave., Piggott, 72454

County Coroner
Jerrod Daniel Lowe
Phone: (870) 598-3469
Fax: (855) 800-8996
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 415, Piggott, 72454

Justices of the Peace
Neal "Poppy" Smith, Joseph C. Henderson, Patrick Patterson, David Cagle, Brad Green, Dennis Haines, Randy Kingston, George E. Lowe, David Hatcher

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