Ashley County

Ashley County was formed on November 30, 1848, from part of Drew County with final boundary adjustments made in 1861. Hamburg is the county seat. The Ashley County courthouse is early contemporary in style and has a unique, round, courtroom where all participants in a trial face one another. The landscape of the county is coastal plain, level to rolling, flat cropland, and pine-forested hills. Two-thirds of Ashley County is hill land, most in pine timber and forest products with the first blocks of forestland being bought up by lumbermen in 1898. The original sawmill was in operation in 1901. Another quarter of the county’s land is devoted to agriculture. The rich sandy loam soil created by the Mississippi and Bayou Bartholomew rivers has been farmed for generations. Although cotton is still king, livestock, poultry and other commercial cash crops are grown. Bayou Bartholomew, the longest bayou in the U.S. runs through the county. West of the bayou is Overflow National Wildlife Refuge that offers excellent hunting and fishing. Ashley County has an innovative recycling program that has taken 65 percent of the waste stream out of their landfill. The county owns equipment to press paper and yard waste into small cubes, which are then sold to Georgia-Pacific for use as fuel. The population of Ashley County is 19,062 (2020 Census).

205 East Jefferson
Hamburg 71646

(870) 853-2000

County Judge
Jim Hudson
Phone: (870) 853-2000
Fax: (870) 853-2005
Address: 205 E. Jefferson, #14, Hamburg, 71646

County Clerk
Christie Martin
Phone: (870) 853-2020
Fax: (870) 853-2082
Address: 205 E. Jefferson, Hamburg, 71646

County Circuit Clerk
Vickie Stell
Phone: (870) 853-2030
Fax: (870) 853-2034
Address: 205 E. Jefferson, Hamburg, 71646

County Sheriff
Tommy Sturgeon
Phone: (870) 853-2040
Fax: (870) 853-0017
Address: 842 Ashley 12 West, Hamburg, 71646

County Treasurer
Stacey Breshears
Phone: (870) 853-2010
Fax: (870) 853-2082
Address: 205 E. Jefferson, Hamburg, 71646

County Collector
Lori Pennington
Phone: (870) 853-2050
Fax: (870) 853-2055
Address: 205 E. Jefferson, Box 9, Hamburg, 71646

County Assessor
Beth Rush
Hamburg phone: (870) 853-2060
Crossett phone: (870) 364-4207
Fax: (870) 853-2002
Hamburg Address: 205 E. Jefferson, #2, Hamburg, 71646
Crosset Annex: 303 Main St.,Crossett, 71635

County Coroner
Keith Medders
Phone: (870) 364-6171
Address: 1564 Highway 52 W, Crossett, AR, 71635

Justices of the Peace
Ron Miller, Rickey Nelms, Billy Pippen, Jimmy Pennington, Jeff Langley, Rhonda Pippen, Bob Rush, Ronnie Wheeler, Greg Sivils

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