State Election Commission rejects open primaries-ranked voting ballot title, approves redistricting

By Roby Brock
Talk Business & Politics

On a day when a spate of poll questions were released showing support for changing Arkansas’ election and redistricting processes, the State Board of Election Commissioners voted to not certify one proposed ballot title, approved another, and delayed voting on a third.

The board voted Wednesday (July 22) against moving forward with the ballot title for the amendment proposal that would change Arkansas’ elections to an open primary process with ranked choice voting. The group supporting the measure, Open Primaries Arkansas, collected more than 94,000 signatures earlier this month for the proposal that would advance to the general election the top four candidates in a primary election regardless of party affiliation, with space for a write-in candidate provided. Voters then may rank their preferences when they cast their ballots in the general election. If no candidate wins a majority, the last-place candidate is eliminated and the voter’s next choice is awarded the votes. The process continues until a candidate wins a majority. READ MORE.

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