Arkansas Voter's Guide: Why poll workers are needed more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic

Average age of poll workers 70-75 years old

By Allie Lynch
5 News Online

ARKANSAS, USA — With the general election right around the corner, poll workers are needed more than ever, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

5NEWS spoke with local election officials to see how many workers are needed to keep polling locations open.

"I've already hired 100 new people, and now I currently still have a need for 75," Kim Dennison, Benton County Election Commissioner, said.

Dennison says if they can't fill the spots, they'll have to close down several of their 36 polling locations.

"We would love to keep all of our polling locations open so that social distancing is possible, and you don't have as many people crowded in one space," Dennison said. "And if we don't have the poll workers, the commission would be forced to close polling sites. So, it's very important that we have people step up and willing to help out during this time."

In Washington County, election officials are receiving applications daily for poll workers, but the problem they are currently facing is having time to train the new employees. READ MORE.

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