Randolph County

Randolph County was created on October 29, 1835, by the last Territorial Legislature from part of Lawrence County. Randolph County was named for John Randolph, a Virginia statesman who claimed to be a descendant of the famous Native American Princess Pocahontas. The county seat is Pocahontas. The landscape of the county is Ozark Mountain foothills with the rich, delta farmland in the extreme southeast. It is said that Randolph County stands with one foot in the hills and one in the rich soil of the delta. The economic base of the county is agriculture, with soybeans and grains the principal crops in the delta and cattle ranching in the hill country. Small manufacturers have also added to the economy. Five rivers crisscross through the county — the Spring, Black, Current, Fourche, and Eleven Point. This makes for good fishing and water recreation. Old Davidsonville State Park features the site of Arkansas’ first post office (1817), and first federal land office (1820), and first courthouse (1815). The Randolph County courthouse is of Victorian, Italianate architecture and has a large aluminum seal of the state of Arkansas over the main entry door behind large square fluted concrete columns. The foyer, which runs across the front of the building, contains three large oil paintings depicting aspects of Arkansas history: one is of Native Americans; another of the Civil War; and the third, which shows road building, includes an old Studebaker wagon. This courthouse faces a sunken garden with benches, landscaped shrubs, and several lampposts for night illumination. Approached by means of imposing steps 48 feet wide, the garden dramatizes the view of the hill on which the original 1872 courthouse still stands. The population of Randolph County is 18,571 (2020 Census).

107 W. Broadway
Pocahontas 72455
(870) 892-5264

County Judge
Ben Wicker
Phone: (870) 892-5264
Fax: (870) 892-2269
Address: 107 W. Broadway St., Pocahontas, 72455

County Clerk
Rhonda Blevins
Phone: (870) 892-5822
Fax: (870) 892-5829
Address: 101 E. Broadway St., Pocahontas, Suite A, 72455

County Circuit Clerk
Debbie Wise
Phone: (870) 892-5522
Fax: (870) 892-8794
Address: 107 W. Broadway St., Pocahontas, 72455

County Sheriff
Kevin Bell
Phone: (870) 892-8888
Fax: (870) 892-8681
Address: 1510 Pace Rd., Pocahontas, 72455

County Treasurer
Dennis Calaway
Phone: (870) 892-5238
Fax: (888) 292-9770
Address: 101 E. Broadway, Suite C, Pocahontas, 72455

County Collector
Jennifer Zitzelberger
Phone: (870) 892-5491
Fax: (870) 892-4884
Address: 107 W. Broadway St., Suite H, Pocahontas, 72455

County Assessor
Krissy Massey
Phone: (870) 892-3200
Fax: (870) 892-3204
Address: 107 W. Broadway St., Suite 1, Pocahontas, 72455

County Coroner
Clyde Hackworth
Phone: (870) 378-5807
Address: 101 E. Broadway, Pocahontas, 72455

Justices of the Peace
Joey Bryant, VACANT, Tony Brown, Rodney Harris, Doris Sharp, Darrell Nelson, Eric Bass, Roy Causbie, David Statler

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