Mississippi County

Mississippi County was created November 1, 1833, of territory cut from Crittenden County. It was named for the mighty river forming its entire eastern boundary. Osceola was the original county seat, but Blytheville became the seat of justice for the northern section in 1870. The landscape of Mississippi County is flat, fertile, delta farmland. The economy is made up of diversified farming and light manufacturing. Cotton Boll Vocational and Technical School and Mississippi County Community College offer a variety of educational experiences. Mississippi County Community College was the first solar-powered college in the nation. Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge is the oldest federal refuge in Arkansas and offers good hunting and fishing. Both courthouses are unique. The Blytheville courthouse building features marble with mahogany woodwork, while the Osceola courthouse building features colorful, baked stone tile, marble and wrought iron staircases. The first floor is windowless and designed to be protected from possible flooding from the Mississippi River. History from early times in the county is stored in both locations. The population of Mississippi County is 40,865 (2020 Census).

200 W. Walnut St.
Blytheville 72315

200 W. Hale Ave.
Osceola 72370

(870) 763-3212

County Judge
John Alan Nelson
Blytheville Ph: (870) 763-3212
Osceola Ph: (870) 563-1300
Fax: (870) 763-0150
Address: 200 W. Walnut, Suite 206, Blytheville, 72315

County Clerk
Janice Currie
Blytheville Ph: (870) 762-2411
Osceola Ph: (870) 563-2242
Fax: (870) 838-7784
Address: 200 W. Walnut, Blytheville, 72315

County Circuit Clerk
Leslie Mason
Blytheville Ph: (870) 762-2332
Osceola Ph: (870) 563-6471
Fax: (870) 762-8148
Address: P.O. Box 1498, Blytheville, 72315

County Sheriff
Dale Cook
Blytheville Ph: (870) 762-2243
Fax: (870) 658-2510
Address: 685 N. County Rd., Luxora, 72358

County Treasurer
Candace Nichols
Phone: (870) 762-2152
Fax: (870) 762-4503
Address: 200 W. Walnut, Suite 207, Blytheville, 72316

County Collector
Susan Short
Blytheville Ph: (870) 763-6841
Osceola Ph: (870) 563-6558
Fax: (870) 762-4504
Address: 200 W. Walnut, Room 104, Blytheville, 72315

County Assessor
Brannah Bibbs
Blytheville Ph: (870) 763-6860
Osceola Ph: (870) 563-2683
Fax: (870) 763-5151
Address: P.O. Box 247, Blytheville, 72316

County Coroner
Karen Ash-Crane
Phone: (870) 278-9272
Address: 500 Chickasawba St., Blytheville, 72315

Justices of the Peace
Drake Brown, Michael White, Neil M. Burge, Tobye McClanahan, Molly Houseworth Jackson, Cecil McDonald, Melinda Martin, Rick Ash, Harbans Mangat, Betty Hepler, Dr. Reggie Cullom

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