Cross County

Cross County was formed November 15,1862 from parts of Crittenden, Poinsett, and St. Francis counties. It was named for Col. David Cross, a Confederate officer. Cross County has rich, flat delta farmland in the east and west and rolling hills in the center. Agriculture and related enterprises are major to the county, with rice bringing in more than half the county’s revenues. Soybeans and cotton are other main crops, while peaches and other fruit crops are predominate on Crowly’s Ridge. Village Creek State Park, almost 7,000 acres on Crowley’s Ridge, is a popular tourist area and has two fishing lakes, hiking trails, campsites, picnic sites, playgrounds, and many recreational areas. The county seat is Wynne. The courthouse courtroom is unique in that the building is arranged so that jurors sit with their backs to the spectators, focusing their attention on the judge and witness, who sit in opposite corners at the front of the room. Tourism is on the rise in Cross County. The Wittsburg Natural Area preserves a good sample of Crowley’s Ridge covered with beech and sugar maple trees, spring wildflowers, and the state’s only natural distributions of tulip trees and pennywort.

705 E. Union St.
Wynne 72396

(870) 238-5750

County Judge
Donnie Sanders
Phone: (870) 238-5750
Fax: (870) 238-5752

County Clerk
Melanie Winkler
Phone: (870) 238-5735
Fax: (870) 238-5739

County Circuit Clerk
Rhonda Sullivan
Phone: (870) 238-5720
Fax: (870) 238-5722

County Sheriff
J.R. Smith
Phone: (870) 238-5707
Fax: (870) 238-5782

County Treasurer
Karen McCorkle
Phone: (870) 238-5725
Fax: (870) 238-5705

County Collector
Debbie Davis
Phone: (870) 238-5710
Fax: (870) 238-5776

County Assessor
Sherri Williams
Phone: (870) 238-5715
Fax: (870) 238-5714

County Coroner
Terry Woodard
Phone: (870) 238-7237
Fax: (870) 238-5739

Justices of the Peace
Douglas Kennon, Ricky Lace, Lynn Blake, Glenda B. Vance, Gloria F. Aldridge, Gary Eakin, Carl Loewer, Jerry Brewster, James Davis.

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