Stone County

Stone County was created April 21, 1873, from parts of Izard, Independence, Searcy and Van Buren counties and was named for the abundant rock formations of the area. The county seat is Mountain View. The landscape of the county is rugged Ozark Mountains. Stone County is known for two major assets: its mountainous beauty and the culture of its mountain folks. The economic base is poultry, livestock, wood products, and light manufacturing along with tourism. The countryside is as unique as the people. The Ozark National Forest and the Blanchard Spring Caverns are poplar in the area. The Caverns, known as the cave discovery of the century and one of nature’s outstanding works of art is still in the process of formation and includes the world’s largest flow-stone formation. Two trails guided by knowledgeable Forest Service guides are open to visitors, The Ozark Folk Center is a unique state park. A 637-acre site has an 80-acre entertainment and cultural history complex devoted to preserving Ozark crafts, music, and heritage. It features a lodge, swimming pool, picnicking sites, hiking trails, arts and crafts displays, conference facilities, a restaurant, and a 1,000 seat music auditorium. Every corner of Mountain View rings with mountain music. Many visitors come to Mountain View each year to relax and enjoy the area where the countryside is as unique as the people.

107 West Main
Mountain View 72560


County Officials   Phone   Fax   E-Mail
County Judge   Stacey Avey   (870) 269-3351   (870) 269-3176
County Clerk   Angie Hudspeth-Wade   (870) 269-5550   (870) 269-9058
Circuit Clerk   Angie Hudspeth-Wade   (870) 269-3271   (870) 269-2303
County Sheriff   Lance Bonds   (870) 269-3825   (870) 269-2299
County Collector   Sue Younger   (870) 269-2211   (870) 269-4758
County Treasurer   Carla Stewart   (870) 269-8426   (870) 269-2303
County Assessor   Heather Stevens   (870) 269-3524   (870) 269-9798
County Coroner   Allen Phroper   (870) 269-3210   (870) 269-8656
Justice of the Peace   Eddie Cowell      
Justice of the Peace   Larry Gammill      
Justice of the Peace   Darlene Garman      
Justice of the Peace   Stanley Morrison      
Justice of the Peace   Jim Nesbitt      
Justice of the Peace   Jimmy Qualls      
Justice of the Peace   Stanley Townsend      
Justice of the Peace   Tim Turner      
Justice of the Peace   Robert Turner