Arkansas County

Arkansas County is the oldest county in Arkansas, and has a rich history behind it. The only American Revolutionary battle fought West of the Mississippi (1783), was fought in Arkansas County. A dual county seat with courthouses in Dewitt and Stuttgart, the oldest records in Arkansas are kept in the (Stuttgart) Courthouse. They date from 1796 and are written in Spanish. The landscape of the county is rich, flat, delta farmland. The eastern boundary of the county runs along the White River, and the southern border includes a stretch of the Arkansas River and Lock and Dam No. 2 of the River Navigation System. There are two museums in the county, Stuttgart Agricultural Museum and the Arkansas Post County Museum and a National Memorial in Gillett. The Arkansas Post is considered the earliest European settlement in the lower Mississippi River valley. The National Park includes a visitors’ center and exhibits, artifacts and a trail to take visitors by points of interest. The population of Arkansas county is 21,653 (1990) census, with 64.5% being urban and rural. Rice Belt Vo-tech and a University of Arkansas agricultural research experiment station are active in research and training in the county.

101 Court Square
DeWitt 72042
302 South College
Stuttgart 72160

(870) 946-4321

County Officials   Phone   Fax   E-Mail
County Judge   Thomas Best   (870) 946-4321   (870) 946-3200
County Clerk   Melissa Wood   (870) 946-4349   (870) 946-4399
Circuit Clerk   Sarah Merchant   (870) 946-4219   (870) 946-1394
County Sheriff   Allen Cheek   (870) 946-3161   (870) 946-1715
County Collector   Allen Cheek   (870) 946-2911   (870) 946-2911  
County Treasurer   Charles Horton   (870) 946-4210   (870) 946-1532
County Assessor   Regina Mannis   (870) 946-1795   (870) 946-2367
County Coroner   Cooper Essex   (870) 946-3104   (870) 946-3200  
Justice of the Peace   Tom Hasty, Jr.      
Justice of the Peace   Curtis Ahrens      
Justice of the Peace   Mary Ashley-Iverson      
Justice of the Peace   Timothy Criswell      
Justice of the Peace   Larry Gunnell      
Justice of the Peace   Kirk Keller      
Justice of the Peace   Inez McLemore      
Justice of the Peace   Jerry Rodgers      
Justice of the Peace   Roger Theis